Ib psychology stroop effect

Internal Assessment : Stroop Effect

In addition, the use of college students in both experiments may not be representative of the youth population; a high school comparison would add validity to his conclusions.

Do you have anything you wish to share about the experiment; improvements, anxieties or any problems. Stroop then compared the naming of colors for a list of solid colored squares with the naming of a list of words printed in different colored ink.

Many people are very surprised when they first see the Stroop Effect results and how a simple task like identifying colors is truly a slight complicated for the brain. It appears that in conditions 2 and 4, when a shape must be read and not the word, the time taken is longer.

Ruchika Shaurya Prakash, e. The results of these two studies led Stroop to conclude that since people are more practiced at word reading than naming colors, there is less interference with word reading than with color naming.

If the participant met the requirement, they were invited to sit and they were given a sheet of shapes in word form. This gave the ratio Though if two pathways are active at the same time the pathway that leads to the response is weaker naming the colored ink and there is interference.

Internal Assessment : Stroop Effect

The mean time in seconds per participant is significantly longer when naming incongruous shapes surrounding shapes in word form than when naming congruent ones. Furthermore, no participants were harmed, deceived or demeaned, physically nor psychologically and had the right to withdraw at any time.

IA stroop effect

Any questions regarding the instructions of the experiment or what is expected of you. Each sheet will be timed when you say aloud the first stimulus.

IA stroop effect

The experiment expects to find that you took longer to complete Sheet 4 than Sheet 3. We have to consciously adjust our answers as this new task is not as familiar to us as reading is.

Continues You will be asked to read aloud a series of stimuli on a sheet of paper. A subset of this field involves interference and automatic processing, which investigates the cognition between different parts of our brain to produce the correct response.

In the last two tests 3 and 4 there were shapes written as words enclosed in geometrical shapes, congruent in Test 3 and incongruent in Test 4. This is based on the Automatic Word Recognition Hypothesis found in the Stroop Effect, which means the brain recognises words automatically, and takes longer to process other visual stimuli such as colour and in this case, pareidolia, which is shape recognition.

During Sheet 3 and 4, you will be asked to verbalise the shape you see and ignore the word inside. Standard Deviation was used in conjunction with the mean because it measures the spread of data and is a precise method of finding dispersion.

The invitation involved an informed consent form in order to follow ethical guidelines, and of those who had brought it in at the time of the experiment, five individuals were selected. Retrieved November 12,from PubMed. Reading is automatic for most people.

This was used to reduce participant variability such as eyesight superiority and to solve any order effects by counterbalancing. If you have any other questions please ask now. Stroop at first created two classic experiments in the first he compared reading a list of words printed in black and reading the same list of words printed in different colored ink.

Psychology - Course Companion. Many efforts have been to explain the Stroop Effect9; theories have been produced to rationalise the effect including processing speed, selective attention, parallel distributed processing and cognitive development. John Crane provides an invaluable resource for all IB Psychology teachers.

The site provides up to date studies and relevant material in the current news. It has become my go-to source for IB specific materials. A Replication of the Stroop Effect Kimber-Ann Cook Broughton High School 3/26/08 Ms. Greene IB Psychology SL 1, Abstract The Stroop () effect is the inability to ignore a color word when the task is to report the ink color of that word (i.e., to say "green" to the word RED in green ink).

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF HYDERABAD IB Psychology Internal Assessment [HL] The Stroop-Shape Effect The Stroop-Shape Effect: Is there a difference in the time taken for shape recognition, in congruent and incongruent shapes and words?

IB Psychology.

IB Psychology

InThinking Subject Sites - where IB teachers go. Website by John Crane Internal Assessment HL Sample 2; Internal Assessment HL Sample 3; Internal Assessment HL Sample 3; The attached file is a sample Internal Assessment.

One of the ways to use samples is to give the sample to your students and ask them to mark the. Transcript of IB Psychology Internal Assessment. Internal Assessment By: Whitney Blevins Tests mental vitality Stroop Effect Stroop carried out two tests where conflicting stimuli are presented simultaneously.

In the first test he compared reading a list of words printed in black and reading the same list of words printed in different.

What is The Stroop Effect?

IB Psychology Standard Level the Stroop effect. The lab experiment was a partial replication of J.R. Stroop’s experiment 2 (). The independent variable was the colour stimulus named by participants.

It used two tests: naming coloured squares IB Psychology Standard Level Internal Assessment.

Ib psychology stroop effect
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